We have a proven track record in supporting:

• Headteachers in their first year
• Executive headteachers of federated schools
• Schools subject to special measures or which have serious weakness
• Developing the role of governors to both support and challenge
• Support for N.Q.Ts in their first year of teaching and for the N.Q.T. Mentors

If you wish we can put you in touch with a school where this type of support has taken place. However, here is what some schools have said of our support..

Rosslyn Park Primary and Nursery School

Chris Turner-Rowe - Headteacher

"The support offered to me by Jim has been outstanding. His vast experience of inspecting schools gives him a unique insight into what is needed to make a school successful. He has a clear and concise vision of how to make necessary improvements, how to ensure they happen and how to ensure they are sustained. He enabled me to see my school as an outsider would, with compassion for my circumstances and a wry dollop of humour. Jim has supported me in moving my school from a perilous state of inadequacy to officially 'good' in fifteen months. I cannot thank him enough."

Stramongate Primary School

Mike Poole – Headteacher

"Jim Alexander Consultancy has sensitively supported and challenged my thinking in two schools now, helping me to both ‘test’ and to ‘develop’ ideas to improve current issues, as well as addressing longer-term, strategic objectives. From a personal and a whole-school development viewpoint, I have no reservations in recommending the service provided to fellow Headteachers. I have found the practical advantages of utilising a knowledgeable, professional outsider’s overview of my own school to be invaluable in helping me and my governing body to prioritise plans for future improvement."

Welbeck Primary School

Carol Norman - Headteacher

"Being graded Outstanding in 2008 and not having an Ofsted inspection since, I felt we needed a health check to ensure we were still performing at this level and ensure our own judgments were secure. Jim Alexander provided us with a professional, sharply focused, inspection trained, objective eye. He put us through out paces rigorously and provided staff and myself with insightful and extremely useful evaluative feedback. We shared his excellent detailed report with staff and governors and it provided us with sizeable chunks to improve our SEF. All in all it was a valuable exercise which I would highly recommend and very good value for money."

Nottingham City Local Authority

Alison Day – Principal Primary Adviser

“Jim and his team of consultants quickly and efficiently pinpoint key areas for development in school but do not provide 'the answers' or 'hot tips' but rather seek to support longer term improvements by engaging key members of staff in a process of change where solutions are found which are both relevant and sustainable for the school;

“Jim and his team are skilled in developing the confidence of colleagues in schools, enabling them to build their own knowledge and understanding to become reflective and independent thinkers/learners, who are able to take responsibility for ongoing change.”

“Jim and his team have a proven track record of working successfully with members of staff who carry responsibilities at different levels from head teachers, newly qualified teachers to school governors.”

“Communication with schools is excellent both before a focused piece of work, ensuring that everyone involved has a clear understanding of the work to be undertaken and afterwards where feedback both verbal and written is precise and helpful.”

Melbury Primary School

Cari Richardson - Headteacher

“As a Headteacher in my second year following a 'Good' Ofsted inspection our school benefitted from Jim’s strategic support in how we will move the school forward to outstanding. I found Jim’s visits supportive, informative and valuable, which enabled the reflection required alongside useful knowledge and experience.”

Crosthwaite CE Primary School

Matthew Jessop - Headteacher

“Jim’s support helping us to interpret RAISEOnline and then identify strengths and weakness was invaluable.

St John's CE Primary School

Helen Curtis - Headteacher

“As a school with a keen work ethic, who constantly strive to meet government floor standards in relatively challenging circumstances, we have found Jim’s support second to none. His professional support and challenge has made us question ourselves and add rigour to the systems already in place in the school. The time we have spent with him has been intense but exceptionally useful and has undoubtedly moved standards forward. Jim’s support has enabled us to push ourselves forward in the fullest way possible. We would recommend him without hesitation and have already done so to other local schools!”

William Booth Primary School

Claire Wilkinson – Acting Headteacher

“Jim's arrival couldn't have been more perfectly timed as the school was in a very dark place having recently been placed into Special Measures. Jim very quickly got to know the school and was therefore able to personalise each visit he made. He was a key player in supporting the school to 'get back on track'. Jim was always professional and honest and whilst the topic of conversation was often professionally challenging, after each visit I felt a renewed enthusiasm and real sense of direction. Jim supported us to completely overhaul our monitoring system adding real rigour and strength which left us feeling empowered to move the school forward and consequently out of Special Measures. Jim is a simply 'outstanding' consultant.

Edale Rise Booth Primary School

Jane Swingler –Headteacher

“This year, Jim Alexander has worked with staff on improving teaching and learning. He has provided staff with good strategies to improve their individual practice and our Leadership Team has appreciated his support in evaluating our own systems for monitoring. His advice and feedback are given honestly but never harshly and staff have felt comfortable to develop a dialogue with him. As a result, we feel confident about identifying areas we need to improve and are able to put effective changes in place.”

Some quotes from colleagues following various in-service training events:

“Knowledge and information extremely useful – enjoyed all sections”

“A very clear presentation without being overwhelming”

“Jim is a very interesting speaker, well delivered”

“A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting course, providing a lot of guidance and ideas”

“This was a very informative and useful training day, which was exceptionally relevant for my school staff - thank you.”

“A highly entertaining and very informative training day.”

“Already thinking of when to book you for another INSET”