Whole School or Focus Review

These reviews are structured to be developmental for school staff. The review applies the same rigour as the inspection framework and professional judgments are made to evaluate school performance... more


We can offer a wide range of individualised training programmes and events... more

Self Evaluation

And RAISEOnline analysis

A specific focus may be working with senior or middle leaders on interpreting your school’s RAISEOnline, internal pupil progress data and how that informs the self-evaluation process. Together we can explore the possible focus an inspection may have and what evidence might be required.

Review of the Governing Body

Following your Ofsted inspection, inspectors may recommend the need to review the effectiveness of the school's governing body. We are able to offer swift and professional support. Our consultants are well-placed to provide a full review, as well as share a wealth of experience to quickly bring about any necessary improvement. Please contact us for more details.

Jim Alexander Consultancy Limited can provide experienced consultants for all phases (early years, primary, secondary, special schools and PRUs). The daily fee is £575.00 plus expenses and VAT per consultant.

We are able to offer excellent support for every school in any context:

• We have a proven track record supporting schools to exit from Ofsted categories of concern.
• We have also boosted the performance of schools that require improvement to become good schools.
• We have successfully supported good schools to become great schools.

If you would like to discuss how we might support your school in any other way then please do not hesitate to contact us. I trust you will find these opportunities helpful to support school improvement and I look forward to working with you.

Jim Alexander Consultancy Limited has full public liability and professional idemnity insurance. All consultants working for the company have enhanced CRB disclosures.